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Quick integration with everpay-js

everpay-js encapsulates most of the interfaces of everPay protocol for developers, developers can use everpay-js to quickly integrate everPay protocol into application pages. Using everpay-js, you can quickly complete everPay payment settlement in your application.

System Requirements#


yarn add everpay
# or
npm install everpay


import Everpay from 'everpay'// or// const Everpay = require('everpay')


Connecting with an ethereum wallet#

To connect using an ethereum wallet, initialization requires the injection of ethConnectedSigner, which developers need to create using ethers.js.

const provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(window.ethereum)const signer = provider.getSigner()const everpay = new Everpay({  account: window.ethereum.selectedAddress,  ethConnectedSigner: signer})

For more information on how to create ethConnectedSigner, please visit SDK - everpay-js - Configuration - ethConnectedSigner.

Connecting with an arweave wallet#

If the developer uses Arweave wallet connection, the initialization needs to inject arJWK. When using the browser ArConnect wallet, injecting arJWK: 'use_wallet' will do the trick.

const arAddress = await window.arweaveWallet.getActiveAddress()const everpay = new Everpay({  account: arAddress,  arJWK: 'use_wallet',})

arJWK also supports the private key format, you can browse SDK - everpay-js - Configuration - arJWK for configuration.


Fill in the token symbol and amount to be recharged, and call the following interface to complete the recharge.

everpay.deposit({  symbol: 'USDT',  amount: '5.26'}).then(console.log)
  • Ethereum requires 6 blocks for recharge, Arweave requires 15 blocks for recharge
  • everPay supports AR cross-chain, initialization injection ethConnectedSigner will call WAR (ERC20) for recharge, initialization injection arJWK will call AR (native) for recharge


When the everPay account that corresponds to the injected wallet already has assets, you can make an everPay transfer. Fill in the symbol and amount to be transferred and call the following interface to complete the transfer.

everpay.transfer({  symbol: 'USDT',  amount: '5.26',  to: '0x26361130d5d6E798E9319114643AF8c868412859'}).then(console.log)


Withdraw the assets from everPay back to the native chain. When the everPay account that corresponds to the injected wallet already has assets, you can withdraw assets from everPay. Fill in the symbol, amount, chainType and withdrawal address to withdraw, and call the following interface to withdraw.

everpay.withdraw({  symbol: 'USDT',  amount: '5.26',  chainType: 'ethereum',  to: '0x26361130d5d6E798E9319114643AF8c868412859'}).then(console.log)

Example reference#

More examples can be found in everpay-js unit test cases