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everPay Protocol

everPay is a real-time payment settlement layer that uses the storage computing paradigm, where all calculations are done off-chain and the results are synchronized with Arweave. Everpay supports popular wallets like Metamask, which simplifies the onboarding process.

The protocol’s TPS depends on the hardware that runs it, similarly to Solana. As long as the protocol meets the storage computing paradigm criteria, it can scale infinitely. Six public chains are currently supported - Arweave, Ethereum, Moonbeam, Conflux, BSC, and Platon. More networks will be supported in the future.

There are several examples for dApps that can be built leveraging everPay, such as decentralized exchanges, Discord bounty bots, NFT trading platforms, etc. In these scenarios, dApps that use everPay benefit majorly from instant, secure transactions, providing developers with a simpler way to write their smart contracts.

You can integrate everpay with our everpay.js SDK in a few simple steps, check it out here: