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Get all transactions on everPay accessed by paging


Query FieldDescription
pageOptional, default is 1 .
tagOptional, A unique identifier for token, info interface tokenList to see the unique tag for each token.
actionOptional, note that Quick Withdrawals are categorized in the action: 'transfer' filter.
  • 'mint' for deposit transactions
  • 'transfer' for transfer transactions
  • 'burn' for withdraw transactions
  • 'bundle' for bundle transactions
withoutActionOptional, exclusion of certain type of transactions, note that Quick Withdrawals are categorized in the action: 'transfer' filter.
  • 'mint' to deposit transactions
  • 'transfer' to transfer transactions
  • 'burn' to withdraw transactions
  • 'bundle' to bundle transactions


Return Fields

currentPageThe current page number, consistent with the passed in page parameter.
totalPagesThe total number of pages of data you have.
txsField information can be viewed in DOCS - System overview - Transaction - Transaction Record


const everpay = new Everpay({ debug: true })
everpay.txs({ page: 1 }).then(console.log)

Example return

currentPage: 1,
totalPages: 196,
txs: [
id: 'Lwml1yitCpuIyJ6w-MgCPWRpDjE1-5dQF_hGw7OQcoY',
tokenSymbol: 'ETH',
action: 'burn',
from: '0x295204c357963C07F7D696E61cB243A0CE92cC0c',
to: '0xB245ceC3b31707e2ffe1C58148cEC6b6017255a3',
amount: '979251798000000000',
fee: '20000000000000000',
feeRecipient: '0x6451eB7f668de69Fb4C943Db72bCF2A73DeeC6B1',
nonce: 1625733233558,
tokenID: '0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000',
chainType: 'ethereum',
chainID: '42',
data: '',
sig: '0x53dd3941c422b514b59e55bbecd66143aea199fef582842dcfd7d0f64aad4cf21f0e95fcc2346a44bc027e1a0ef474960d51b5745a6e9685930a14920d2b1afa1b',
everHash: '0xaf5f8a2d95af57553eddc4d280ea5911d9152e346aaa8b772cb61db05ea05590',
status: 'packaged',
timestamp: 1625733624000,
targetChainTxHash: '0xdbe3cf5194b289deb674cb88c6510ae85de0572fdeefd83d0cd1dbdaf8f9d94e'
// etc.

The txs interface gets all transactions on everPay without the accId field in the returned result.