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A transfer is a transfer that occurs between two everPay accounts. Any two everPay accounts can transfer money to each other and support the transfer of Ethereum assets to Arweave accounts.

everPay ensures the security of transfers through blockchain cryptographic signature verification.


tokenSymbolToken Symbol, AR,ETH,USDT,USDC etc.
action'transfer' to transfer.
fromthe current everPay account ID that signed the transaction.
toWhen transferring, to is another everPay account ID.
amountTransfer amount, type uint; decimals processing is required for setting, e.g. 0.1USDT, after USDT's decimals: 6 processing, it's 100000.
feeHandling fee, type uint. needs to be decimals, e.g. 0.1USDT, here it's 100000 after USDT's decimals: 6 processing.
feeRecipientReceive everPay account ID for handling fees, via info API interface to get.
nonceunix milliseconds.
tokenIDvia info API interface, must be consistent with the token id field corresponding to tokenSymbol.
chainTypeWhen transferring, chainType must be the same as info API, the token chainType consistent.
chainIDWhen transferring, chainID must be the same as info API, the token chainID consistent.
dataAdditional information, developer-customizable JSON data, processed by JSON.stringify() and passed in. Developers can pass data to customize some complex functions.
versiontransaction version 'v1'

Transaction signature, sending and record acquisition

Developers can visit the DOCS - System overview - Transaction chapter for more information.